The University of Alabama at Birmingham Alzheimer’s Disease Center

Dr. Lindy Harrell established the UAB Alzheimer’s Disease Center in 1991 and served as its Director until 2005.  The Center developed into an interdisciplinary research and clinical program devoted to learning about Alzheimer’s disease from basic biology to clinical response to promising pharmaceutical treatments.

Today, the UAB Alzheimer’s Disease Center continues to advance Dr. Harrell’s vision.  Under the guidance of Dr. Daniel Marson, the Center is at the forefront of basic and clinical studies into the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  The Center’s faculty researchers are conducting state-of-the-art basic science, cognitive, brain imaging and clinical studies to identify the causes and search for better treatments of Alzheimer’s disease in collaboration with researchers throughout the world.

The UAB Alzheimer’s Disease Center brings together a group of world-class researchers and clinicians to provide exceptional care for Alzheimer’s disease patients in the Southeastern United States.  The Center is dedicated to pursue the causes, early methods of identification, and effective treatments of Alzheimer’s disease.