The consult team sees all inpatient neurological consults at University Hospital and Cooper Green Hospital. The team consists of an attending, a senior neurology resident, a junior neurology resident, and one to three rotating residents. The rotating residents are residents in other specialties (internal medicine, psychiatry, neurosurgery) who are doing a neurology rotation. The consult team sees anywhere from two to eight consults a day. This structure of the Consult Service allows time for each Resident to adequately review the latest research and guidelines on each question posed.

 Neurology residents have one month on the consult service during the PGY-1 year, 2 months during the PGY-3 year, and 2 months during the PGY-4 year. This allows for a gradual increase in clinical decision-making responsibility during your four years of training. Each graduating UAB Neurology Resident is well equipped to handle any and all Neurological questions.

On consults, you can expect to see many different neurological aspects of medical and surgical diseases. Because UAB is a leader in so many different medical and surgical specialties and subspecialties, your experience on the consult service is unique and challenging. For example, many transplants (heart, lung, liver, pancreas, and bone marrow) are performed at UAB, which inevitably leads to some uncommon and challenging neurological problems.

The consult experience at University Hospital is complemented by the experience at Cooper Green Hospital. Being a county hospital serving the indigent population, these patients have very different neurological issues than the population at University Hospital. It is important to be familiar with neurology as it presents from all walks of life. Combining these various settings for consultation will ensure that you will be very comfortable with neurological consults of any kind.