The Stroke Service takes care of all patients with a suspected diagnosis of stroke, vasculitis, dissection or other vascular problem involving the CNS.  The team is comprised of an attending, senior resident, junior resident, rotator (usually neurosurgery), physician assistant and medical students.  We have a dedicated Stroke Unit of Sparks 8th floor (S8) and a dedicated Neuro-ICU where we have ample support from Critical Care teams to help assist with ventilatory management and severe medical complications.  Our physician assistant on the service helps us arrange disposition and covers very stable patients that are awaiting placement or rehabilitation.

We have a hospital-wide “Code Stroke” system that is activated in the event of acute neurologic deficits that are suspicious for stroke.  This ensures that radiology is ready and waiting for the patient’s STAT head CT, the attending and fellow are made aware, an ultrasonographer is notified, and the home call resident is notified.  We have a very active Code Stroke program and administer tPA, on average, 3 times per week.  This number has been consistently climbing over the past few years and our residents are very comfortable and confident in making decisions whether or not to give tPA to stroke patients.