About the Department of Ophthalmology
The Department of Ophthalmology encompasses state-of-the-art clinical, training, and research facilities, as well as the administrative offices of the chairman and department faculty. It covers approximately 30,000 square feet within the Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital, which is part of the UAB Health System.

During the neuro-ophthalmology month, residents have the privilege of working with two fellowship-trained neuro-ophthalmologists, to provide a diverse prospective:

  • Dr. Lanny Kline, chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology and author of Optic Nerve Disorders and Neuro-Ophthalmology Review Manual.
  • Dr. Michael Vaphiades, a neurologist by training, and author of over 33 articles in the neuro-opthalmology literature.

During the PGY-4 year, residents spend one month in neuro-ophthalmology. Besides participating in clinic with Dr. Kline and Dr. Vaphiades, residents have the opportunity to see various ophthalmologic surgical procedures.

Because the Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital is the only eye specialty hospital in the state of Alabama, residents have to opportunity to see rare ophthalmologic pathology. This rotation is very well-received among the residents.