As a PGY3, you will have a three month block of pediatric neurology at Children's Hospital. Children's Hospital recently completed a new physical hospital that brings the size of our Children’s Complex to one of the largest in the country!  Children’s saw almost 14,000 inpatients and over 650,000 outpatients in 2001.  Your time at Children’s will be spent covering the inpatient ward of a handful of primarily neurologic patients, working with attendings in their clinics, and covering inpatient consults.  There are eight pediatric neurology attendings and all are well respected in their subspecialty.

The pediatric neurology rotation is the only rotation that you will not take adult neurology call at UAB. Instead, you will take home call for pediatric neurology at Children's Hospital. There are several in-house pediatric residents on-call every night who cross-cover the neurology inpatients/consults and see new consults and admit new patients. Your role will be to provide backup and assistance (virtually exclusively over-the-phone) to the in-house residents. Of course, the attendings are always available as your back up when necessary.

It's not 100% pediatric neurology, though. You will still have your continuity clinic at the VA on Thursday afternoons. During your three month excursion to Children's, you will be excused from clinical duties in order to attend all lectures and conferences at UAB - it's only a block away!