About the MDC
The Molecular Detection Core (MDC) Laboratory is designed to provide sensitive immunohistochemical (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) assistance to the UAB Neuroscience community. The core utilizes a combination of manual and automated techniques, chromogenic and fluorescent detection to provide these services. The MDC will assist Neuroscience researchers in developing new protocols and train UAB staff and students in the production of high quality, reproducible, molecular localization results on their cell and tissue samples. Assistance is available to determine optimal fixation conditions, tissue processing techniques and experimental design for the detection of nervous system-associated molecules of interest. 

In addition, as of March 2014, the MDC has merged with the Cellular and Molecular Neuropathology Core greatly expanding our available services. The core now offers tissue processing and embedding, microtome and cryostat sectioning, H & E staining, and training for and access to two MicroBrightField stereology/morphometric systems. For a complete list of services and pricing please follow the Resources & Protocols link listed below.

mdc_m1w     mdc_m2w
NeuN immunoreactive neurons (green) and glial fibrillary acidic protein immunoreative astrocytes (red) are identified in a section from mouse hippocampus using multi-label tyramide signal amplification. Click here or image above for high resolution version.   Glial fibrillary acidic protein immunoreactive cells (red) are abundant in this section from an experimental brain tumor model. Nuclei are stained with bisbenzimide and appear blue. Click here or image above for high resolution version.

Resources and Protocols
Contact Dr. Terry Lewis at 996-6556 for more information related to MDC activities and our Resources & Protocols site for additional technical content.

Thank you for using the UAB Neuroscience Molecular Detection Core. Please give appropriate acknowledgement to P30 NS47466 in your papers.


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