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The mission of the Core Laboratory is to assist in the identification and characterization of protein interactions without the need to establish various methodologies in individual laboratories. We offer assistance with vector design, selection and cloning, protein expression and biochemical analyses, and assistance in assay design.


  • Yeast two hybrid Screens: The core is presently using Invitrogen Gateway technology to generate libraries of interest to NINDS researchers at UAB. Contact us regarding your needs for a particular library to be established and screened.
  • Prokaryotic protein expression systems: The core will help in selecting a vector, cloning, and expression of your protein of interest for downstream applications such as antibody production and protein-protein interaction assessment.
  • Eukaryotic protein expression systems: The core will assist in selecting a vector,cloning, and expression of your protein of interest. Epitope tagged vectors, episomal vectors, retroviral, and lentiviral expression systems are among the options.
  • Expression vector constructs for riboprobes or fluorescent in situ hybridization: As part of the collaboration with the neurobiology in situ core, the protein core will assist in vector design for FISH.
  • The core will provide lentivirus and AAVs for optogenetic research.
  • The core will assist in generating guide RNAs for CRISPR/Cas9 mediated gene editing and provide lentiviral packaging of guide RNA libraries or lentiviruses expressing Cas9.

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Thank you for using the UAB Neuroscience NINDS Protein Core. Please give appropriate acknowledgement to P30 NS47466 in your papers.