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                             James Garber Galbraith, MD
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The Department of Neurosurgery at UAB was initially founded and nurtured by James Garber Galbraith, M.D.  Neurosurgeons and residents within the Department aspire to continue his traditions of clinical excellence, professional conduct and dedication to their patients that Dr. Galbraith exemplified. It is based on this legacy that the James Garber Galbraith Society was founded in 2015.

Society gifts go directly to fund Department of Neurosurgery initiatives.
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Annual gift levels are:

$1,000          James Garber Galbraith Society Member
$2,500          James Garber Galbraith Society Supporter
$5,000          James Garber Galbraith Society Champion
$10,000        James Garber Galbraith Society Director

Gifts may be made in monthly or quarterly installments. Gifts may be given by use of a credit card.

Members and supporters will receive semi-annual reports of department program developments. Champions and Directors will also have their name placed on a recognition plaque outside the Neurosurgery Conference Room in the UAB Faculty Office Tower.

For information please call Leon Ryan, Director of Development for Neurosurgery at 205-996-0127 or email at

J. Garber Galbraith, MD

1914 – 1996

J. Garber Galbraith was born in Anniston, Alabama on May 28, 1914. He attended the University of Notre Dame, received a B.S. degree from St. Louis University in 1936, and his M.D. degree in 1938. He did his internship and one year’s residency in general surgery at the Lloyd Noland Hospital in Fairfield, Alabama. From 1940-1943, he was a resident in neurological surgery at the Neurological Institute of New York.
Dr. Galbraith was on active duty with the U.S. Naval Reserve Medical Corps  (1943-46) with action in the Pacific Theater on the hospital ship, U.S.S. Tranquility.
He practiced Neurosurgery in Birmingham from 1946 to 1984, being affiliated with the University of Alabama School of Medicine as a voluntary faculty member and later as full-time director of the Division of Neurosurgery. He was Emeritus Professor of Surgery and taught Gross and Neuro-anatomy for medical students and conferences for neurosurgical residents. 
Dr. Galbraith was past president of the following medical organizations: Jefferson County Medical Society (1960), Medical Association of the State of Alabama (1974), Southern Medical Association (1965), Southern Neurosurgical Society (1956), American Academy of Neurological Surgery (1968), Society of Neurological Surgeons (1974) and American Board of Neurological Surgery (Chairman 1972-74). He was a member of the AANS. He was a member of Alpha Omega Alpha and Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Societies and the Alabama Academy of Honor. He was the recipient of three honorary degrees.
He married the former Marguerite Stabler, and they had four daughters, Ann, Jane, Kay and Laura, and six grandchildren.

Founding Members

The James Garber Galbraith, M.D Society

UAB Department of Neurosurgery

Director Level

Dr. Jason L. Cormier

Dr. Roy Tyler Frizzell

Dr. George Yancey Gillespie III & Mrs. Lady Jane Gillespie

Dr. Mark N. Hadley & Mrs. Lori F. Hadley

Dr. James Michael Johnston & Mrs. Shelby Kerr Johnston

Dr. Peter G. Liechty

Dr. James M. Markert, Jr. & Dr. Lalli Market

Dr. Patrick R. Pritchard & Dr. Sonya E. Pritchard

Dr. Kristen Riley & Mr. Lee H. Riley

Dr. Beverly Claire Walters & Dr. George B. Buczko

Champion Level

Dr. Jeffrey P. Blount & Mrs. Dana C. Blount

Dr. Mark R. Harrigan

Dr. Curtis J. Rozzelle & Mrs. Elizabeth A. Rozzelle

Dr. Swaid N. Swaid &  Mrs. Christy C. Swaid

Supporter Level

Dr. Mamerhi O. Okor

Dr. Brandon Rocque & Dr. Gabrielle Rocque

Dr. Elizabeth M. Staley & Dr. Daniel M. Harmon

Member Level

Mrs. Donna M. Bailer & Mr. Rex D. Bailer

Dr. Winfield S. Fisher III  & Mrs. Diane M. Fisher

Dr. Rhett B. Murray & Mrs. Melanie H. Murray

Dr. W. Jerry Oakes & Dr. Jean E. Oakes