As of October 1, the Section of Pediatric Neurosurgery within the UAB Department of Neurosurgery is now a division. The new Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery is the first division to be named under the Department of Neurosurgery.

Dr. Jeffrey BlountDr. Jeffrey Blount

Jeffrey Blount, M.D., professor and now director of the pediatric neurosurgery division, says that this change is evidence of a strong program.

“The evolution from a section to a division recognizes the vigor and growth of the pediatric neurosurgical program at UAB,” Blount said.

Blount says he attributes much of the success of the newly formed division to Professor of Neurosurgery Jerry Oakes, M.D., who Blount considers to have transformed UAB’s pediatric surgery section into a nationally recognized clinical, research and training program. According to Blount, a new, modern era of pediatric neurosurgery began at UAB 25 years ago with Oakes’ arrival, which attracted outstanding faculty members and fellow candidates who have gone on to take leadership positions at some of the most prestigious and accomplished pediatric neurosurgery programs in the country.

Dr. W. Jerry OakesDr. W. Jerry Oakes

“We continue to attract the brightest and best fellow applicants, to vigorously pursue important research projects and to robustly engage in global neurosurgery programs,” Blount said. “The current faculty has followed this lead and continues to be clinically robust and academically accomplished. Becoming a division attests to the recognition provided by UAB to those efforts and accomplishments and helps position us to optimize further academic opportunities in the future.”

Six faculty members now comprise the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery:

Marina Moody contributed to this report.