The UAB Department of Neurosurgery welcomes its new communications director this month, Marissa Keppley, MBA. Prior to this position, Keppley worked in the UAB Health System Department of Marketing and Communications as the physician marketing manager.

marissakeppleyMarissa Keppley

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Keppley received her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Boston University and her master’s in business administration from UAB. Her work experience includes supporting the neuroscience offices at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, managing research labs at Harvard Medical School and founding the nation’s first CME podcast for healthcare professionals here at UAB.

Keppley will join Administrative Director Megan Yeatts, MBA, and Communications Specialist Anna Waters, MA, in the Department of Surgery Communications Office, where she will help support not only the Department of Neurosurgery but also the Department of Surgery and the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.