Women's Leadership CouncilIn April, the Neurosurgery Women’s Leadership Council worked with UAB Advancement to create a digital campaign in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of their campaign was to share more about the work and impact of the Department of Neurosurgery and, ultimately, to raise funds to support future department endeavors.

In the end, members raised $75,000 in funding that went directly toward the department, whose mission is to “provide outstanding care to patients with neurosurgical diseases while educating and training compassionate, proficient and expert neurosurgeons and neuroscientists through teaching, research, scholarship and service.”

Department of Neurosurgery Chair James Markert, M.D., MPH has supported the council since its 2010 inception, and he was moved by their most recent campaign.

“In a time when having in-person events and campaigns to generate funding for the department is impossible, the members of the Neurosurgery Women’s Leadership Council went above and beyond,” said Markert. “To have members of our neurosurgery community support us in this way is a testament to the power of our Department’s mission and impact.”

During their recent annual summer meeting, members of the council discussed the outcome of the campaign and their strategy for continued support of the department in the coming months. Department of Neurosurgery professor Kristen Riley, M.D. was the keynote speaker for the  annual meeting held by Zoom.

Several UAB Department of Neurosurgery faculty are members of the council. The UAB Neurosurgery Women’s Leadership Council has been an active supporter of the Clinical Scholars Program benefitting the neurosurgery resident program, and the entire Department of Neurosurgery. The council’s members include grateful patients and family members of patients whose lives have been touched by UAB Neurosurgery.

If you would like to help support the department and its missions, please contact Katye Fuglaar at kcf@uab.edu for more information.