Jennifer Clements

Jennifer Clements joins Department of Neurosurgery Assistant Professor Matthew Nelson, Ph.D., and Shannon Hall, CRNP, in the mission to meet the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of all department faculty and staff.  

Clements states her main goal is to help brainstorm ways to make staff feel valued while promoting techniques to reduce stress.

"I've been researching ways to do this in my own work-life balance goals," says Clements. "I strive to make connections that are meaningful and lasting through genuine outreach and kindness. I may not always succeed, but I continue to strive to do so.”

She hopes to bring insight into the work stressors for lab research and administrative staff in the department. Clements believed that bringing clinical research, and administrative staff into a cohesive team is critical. A sense of belonging in the department is beneficial for all involved.

“I never want to be that person that makes another person feel insignificant or unvalued. Even the smallest acknowledgment can brighten someone's day,” says Clements. “One of my favorite quotes from Aesop is ‘No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.’”