Patient Stories

"I was transferred from my hometown hospital to UAB, after it was discovered that my prostate cancer had spread to my brain. I was unable to speak or even move my right side. The UAB neurosurgeon acted quickly, removing my brain tumor within hours of my arrival. Shortly thereafter, I regained my speech and strength. Afterwards, I was introduced to an entire team of cancer specialists, who organized an effective long-term plan to treat my spreading cancer. UAB is where the experts are."

- J.K (Anniston, AL)
Brain Tumor Patient

"We had a lot going on. It doesn’t take long when you start researching glioblastoma to know what you are facing.We went back and forth because Johns Hopkins was on the table, then UAB. When we looked at it all, UAB’s research strength meant we could get cutting-edge treatment there, and it was just an hour down the road, so family would be nearby." See Charlie’s Story Here.

- Charles Turk (North Alabama)
Brain Tumor Patient