Due to advances in modern medical therapy, certain brain tumors and other conditions can be treated – without the use of a scalpel or incision. Using "Gamma Knife" technology in carefully selected patients, surgeons can apply high-dose radiation, usually in a single treatment session, to a very specific area within the brain or skull cavity. Over the course of weeks, the tumor begins to shrink and evenually disappear. Gamma Knife is well-proven technology – in some instances yielding superior results to traditional surgical methods.

The UAB Approach


At UAB, patients are evaluated within a multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons, neurologists, radiation oncologists and radiologists. Depending on the circumstances, radiosurgery may be an option, sometimes in combination with other therapies such as traditional surgery and/or chemotherapy. Conditions treated include metastatic brain tumors, pituitary tumors, meningiomas, vascular malformations, and trigeminal neuralgia. Barton L. Guthrie, MD is the Director of the UAB Gamma Knife Center located at UAB Highlands. A Gamma Knife session is usually followed with regular imaging to monitor progress of treatment. The UAB Gamma Knife is the only facility of its kind in the entire state of Alabama.

UAB Gamma Knife Surgery Team

James M. Markert, MD

Barton L. Guthrie, MD

Winfield S. Fisher III, MD

M.R. Chambers, MD

Kristen Riley, MD

Mark R. Harrigan, MD


UAB neurosurgeons are currently accepting new patients. Referrals are made through your primary care physician (PCP), who will coordinate the transfer of medical records and imaging studies. Our staff will work with you to schedule an appointment in a timely manner. Contact Us