May 10, 2017

Organizing for Success: Our path moving forward

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You’ve been hearing for several months about Organizing for Success, the leadership restructuring initiative UAB Medicine is undergoing to better align and position the institution for intentional change that will help us reach our goal of becoming the Preferred Academic Medical Center. Recommendations for the new structure were approved in April by the UA System Board of Trustees and the UA Health Services Foundation (HSF) Board.

Here are some key changes established under the new structure:

  • The Dean of the School of Medicine is now chair of the HSF Board.
  • The UAB Health System Board is now the UAB Medicine Board. The UAB President will remain chair of the UAB Medicine Board until the University Health System is established, at which time the UAB President will be chairman of the University Health System Board and the Dean of the School of Medicine will be chair of the UAB Medicine Board.
  • The President of the HSF is now a full-time position. This individual will also serve as Chief Physician Executive (CPE) of UAB Hospital, Senior Vice President in the UAB Health System and Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs in the School of Medicine. The position has been posted and the nomination process will proceed through the end of May. Finalists will be selected and interviewed, and an appointment is expected to be made by early June.

The UAB Medicine leadership will also be working in the coming months to establish or reorganize committees to better align with institutional needs under the new structure. Below is a chart of the steps we’ll be taking in the upcoming months, along with which leaders are taking leads on implementation on these initiatives. See the PDF here outlining items to be completed and our completion goals.