August 16, 2016

Class of 2020 mission statement

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The School of Medicine Class of 2020 recited this oath during the annual White Coat Ceremony, held on Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016 at the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center. 

"As members of the University of Alabama School of Medicine and the medical profession, we make this pledge to the patients we will serve and to each other:

In the care of the suffering, we commit ourselves to continuous learning and practice of our chosen profession. We will always care for our patients with compassion, never forgetting that we will treat human beings – not merely their chief complaints.

In pursuing such compassion, we will celebrate our differences, which make us unique, caring for the needs of both our colleagues and patients alike.

In our daily practice, we shall conduct ourselves with integrity, keeping sacred the confidence and trust given to us by those who seek our advice.

Ultimately, we pledge to hold high the standards of medical professionalism practiced by generations of physicians before us, treating both each other and those we are called to serve ethically."