Dan McNeill, 22, a first-year student at the UAB School of Medicine, got the chance of a lifetime to perform with his collegiate acapella group to a national audience on The Sing-Off: Holiday Special, a one-night, two-round singing competition that aired on NBC in December 2014.
David Geldmacher, M.D., an expert on Alzheimer’s diagnosis and management, shares his latest research and reveals some common myths about the disease.
Swaroop Vitta’s summer research project took him to downtown Birmingham and into the world of the homeless to learn how they receive health care and the difficulties they face in accessing treatment.
Mark Ricketts, M.D., uses his medical know-how to host a weekly radio health segment, "Doc on JOX." 
Nefertiti Durant, M.D., MPH, uses Internet tools, cultural relevance in the fight against obesity in young black women.
For the past two years, Tolu Aduroja, M.D., M.P.H., has traveled to Ibadan, Nigeria in the fall to offer free medical care.
Ronald Wyatt, M.D., uses his uncle's untimely death to propel his efforts to make changes in healthcare.
With UAB since 1999, Hussein Abdullatif, M.D., uses  his natural compassion and empathy to treat patients and train new classes of future doctors.
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