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August 26, 2016

Dubose ‘embodies all that is genuinely good about working at UAB’

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Kristen DuBose INSIDEKristen Dubose just couldn’t stay away from UAB — and a certain department in particular.

Before leaving to take care of family, Dubose worked as a patient representative in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation from 1997 to 2004; she later rejoined the staff as an office services specialist in the chair’s office.

Dubose wears many hats; her duties include maintaining schedules, organizing faculty spreadsheets, processing travel requests and reimbursements, entering UAB PO and payment requests in Oracle and processing HSF requisitions for all Spain Rehabilitation Center clinics and the chair’s office, among other things.

“Kristen has a superior knowledge and performs with a high level of proficiency,” said Yvonne Atkins, executive administrator at Spain Rehab. “She consistently exceeds requirements.”

“She is prompt, technologically savvy and well-thought-of across the department,” said Conley Carr, M.D., director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Not only does Dubose exceed expectations for her assigned tasks — she also volunteers to help take on additional ones when she knows the department is in need.

After the department underwent internal changes this year, Dubose volunteered to take on the job of PMR residency program coordinator, a job that is both “daunting and demanding,” said chief resident Jordan Garman, D.O. But Dubose is not intimidated by it.

“I can personally state that her efforts were exceptional,” Garman said.

“I love my job and am always willing to take on additional responsibilities to help out my team,” Dubose said. “Juggling many tasks at once is natural to me and one of my strengths.”

For Dubose, the tasks that many would find taxing or tiresome, she finds enjoyable. Combined with her self-admitted perfectionism, Dubose’s co-workers said she has become an employee upon whom they consistently depend.

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“I am very committed to my work,” Dubose said. “I think my secret is that I truly care about the work I do and I want to make sure things are done correctly the first time. I know my department depends on the work I do, so I want to give them the best I can.”

Her co-workers have come to rely on more than her expertise. It’s also her cheerful and positive attitude. Garman said she regularly sends her co-workers encouraging emails throughout the week, which he says “does wonders to boost resident morale and unify the department.”

“Kristen embodies all that is genuinely good about working at UAB and then goes above and beyond to interact positively with all in our department,” Garman said.

“I truly believe every day is a gift, and if I can do something to make someone else smile or make their day a little better that is what I want to do,” Dubose said. “It doesn’t take but a second to send an encouraging word or silly clip art that would brighten someone’s day.”

Dubose said she always has a few uplifting words for first-time UAB applicants, too, telling them her own story of employment at UAB and how, time and again, she keeps coming back.

“My favorite story to tell is I’ve been employed by the same department not once, not twice, but three times,” she said. After leaving first when her daughter was born, and again after returning briefly when she was 5, Dubose knew she was ready to return when her daughter began high school. “Here I am for the third time in this amazing department where one of my supervisors has been here longer than I’ve been alive,” she said. “I recommend others to come join the UAB family because of my wonderful experiences.”