May 20, 2013

New and improved EatRight by UAB

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EatRight by UAB, the long-running weight management program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, has launched new and improved lifestyle nutrition education classes.

eatright s1The once-a-week, one-hour classes have several new features, including expanded locations, staggered start times, UAB payroll deduction/employee discount and an expanded slate of EatRight recipes.

The six-month program offers expert advice from UAB registered dietitians and exercise specialists on meal planning, grocery shopping, healthy cooking, dining out and more. The weekly group classes are designed to provide long-term group support to achieve weight loss goals. Participants will receive four EatRight recipes each week, for a total of 96 new recipes over the course of the program.

“The EatRight Lifestyle class helps individuals beat the odds of the weight-loss battle by giving them the skills and support to lose weight and keep it off,” said Abby Nevins, R.D., director of EatRight Lifestyle. “It provides weekly accountability for reaching weight loss goals while teaching individuals how an appropriate diet can help maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Nevins said topics presented during the classes range from discussions on vitamins and minerals to healthy food substitutions and overcoming barriers to change. Information on fats, proteins and carbohydrates is available, along with tips on how to increase physical activity and how to cope with cravings.

EatRight Lifestyle classes are held UAB’s Kirklin Clinic, UAB Highlands, The Kirklin Clinic at Acton Road, EatRight Hoover and Lakeshore Foundation. Cost for the entire 6-month program is $275, $200 for UAB and UABHS employees. Start times vary. For more information, visit the EatRight website.