Gifts from visionary philanthropic partners remain vital to our efforts as we move forward and increase our status as a leader in laboratory research and the treatment of patients with neurofibromatosis.

We have a bold plan to recruit leading physicians and scientists to UAB, allow current researchers at UAB to accelerate their research, and provide funding to initiate innovative approaches to the study of NF.

In the near future, we plan to expand the number of physicians, scientists and research projects aimed at new discoveries in NF. The future is bright, and we look forward to playing a leading role in finding new treatments and a cure for NF.

Dr. Korf has been treating our son for more than a decade. We decided to follow Dr. Korf from Boston to Birmingham not only because of his expertise as a physician but also because of the compassion and caring he shows to patients.

At UAB, Dr. Korf has assembled a world-renowned team of experts dedicated to researching and testing therapies that hold great promise for improving the lives of those who suffer from all forms of neurofibromatosis. Many of these treatments could also help people with other types of tumor-related diseases and cancers. Simply stated, the research directed by Dr. Korf has the potential to change the world.

As donors, our family takes comfort in knowing that every single dollar directly benefits laboratory research dedicated to finding and testing new therapies for NF. We are very grateful to Dr. Korf and his team for their important work.
~Fox Family

Support the UAB NF Program by contacting Andrea Martin (Phone: 205.757.8403) or clicking below to give via our online giving system.

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