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Orrville is a rural community, outside of Selma in Alabama’s Black Belt. Only 204 people live in the town, leaving a weak tax base to provide support services. There are residents who live outside the city who also rely on services from the city. Most people travel to Selma for food, health care, and other needs. Transportation is problematic. There is no public transportation or an affordable way for residents to get to Selma.

The Orrville Coalition was established in June 2018 with 34 members, made up of city and county residents, the Mayor, and one of the three business owners in Orrville. Coalition members are planning improvements to an existing green space, adding a walking trail and playground, since the nearest playground is a 40-minute drive. They also want to clear away the overgrowth of the high school walking track. A pressing issue stems from the lack of easy access to medical care. A partnership with Selma and Dallas County United Way and the UAB Family Practice Medical Residency Program in Selma brought “Doc on the Spot” monthly health clinic to Orrville, offering free medical services for uninsured residents.