Protecting PHI and Email Archiving Changes

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Alabama Medicaid
OBAR System Internal link*
OBCC Guidelines
OBGYNSTS Web Site Internal link*
OBGYNDHTS Duty Hours Site Internal link*
REDCap Web Site (REDCap for studies with PHI)
REDCap Web Site (REDCap for anonymous surveys)
OnCore Internal link*

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Computer Support

Alternate Remote Access Portal

You must currently have VPN access and
you must know your computer host name
to use this option.

If authentication is successful, but access fails,
use a web browser and download the new client at:

If the client fails to download, then try a different web browser

In the connection entry for the Cisco AnyConnect client add:

Upon authentication, it will auto-update your client and stayed logged into the gateway.

You must have admin rights to update the client. 
If no admin rights, then the client may become corrupted

If you have any questions, please contact us at OBGYNITGROUP@UABMC.EDU

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