Biological Sample Repository
We have assembled a Biological Sample that includes human kidney tissue, blood, and urine, linked to an accessible clinical database of patients with and without AKI to enable translational research studies.
The biological samples available to our Investigator Base are listed below.

UCSD AKI Biorepository (Blood, Urine, DNA):

This biorepository includes
  • a spectrum of patients at UAB and UCSD with and without AKI from the AKI Registry that has sequential blood and urine collections from the day of admission through 7 days.
  • Samples from the DIRECT study are also available
  • sequential samples from healthy adult subjects collected at 2-time points

The UCSD/O'Connor TSP Resource in Hypertension

This resource includes data generated from many of Dr. O'Connor's diverse and complementary studies.
  • dbGap
  • Biological Samples
  • Metabolomics
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UAB Kidney Tissue Biorepository:

This biorepository provides a resource of kidney tissues from
  • a unique source - brain dead donors (BDD) - from the Alabama Organ Center, facilitated by the Organ Recovery Center, an on-site facility for management of donors which averages 23 deceased donors/month on site
  • We have initiated a compilation of kidney biopsies and tissues from patients with AKI, both native and kidney transplant recipients and
  • nephrectomy specimens with phenotypic characterization are available for a consistent supply of normal healthy human kidney tissues.