Dr. Henry Bonner

Hometown: Roanoke, AL

Undergraduate: Auburn University; Auburn, AL

Medical School: UAB Heersink School of Medicine; Birmingham, AL

Why I Chose UAB: I wanted a program to give me the confidence to go out in practice at the end of these five years and take care of any case that may come my way. I'm confident that the high volume of cases here will prepare me for any situation after residency. Also, the mentorship and camaraderie here are second to none. You can be in the trenches with your co-residents in the hospital, but still be super close and have a good time outside of work.

Birmingham is one of the most underrated cities to live in in the southeast. It has a great food and social scene to enjoy outside of work. I lived in Birmingham for medical school and am super excited to stay here and continue to develop the relationships I've made in the past four years.

Medical Areas of Interests: General orthopedics, sports, and trauma

Interests/Hobbies: Turkey hunting, bass fishing, college sports, grilling, and classic rock music