Our fellowship-trained orthopaedic foot and ankle specialists along with a full-time podiatrist carry out the broad range of conservative and operative care. Our surgeons provide expertise in the management of bunions and arthritis of the great toe, hammertoes, midfoot arthritis, fallen arches, hindfoot arthritis, and problems of tendons, fascia and nerves, including tendinitis, tendon ruptures, plantar fasciitis, and tarsal tunnel syndrome. We have designed and perform the latest in bunionectomy techniques including the opening wedge and POSCOW procedures and biologic and prosthetic arthroplasty for hallux rigidus (arthritis of the great toe). Reconstruction for rheumatoid foot and ankle deformities, diabetic foot, neuromuscular disorders, and post-traumatic deformity is routine. Our surgeons have extensive experience with arthroscopic procedures for disorders of the ankle, subtalar, and tendo Achilles. Problems in the athlete are managed extensively.

Diagnostic capabilities are enhanced by musculoskeletal radiologists within the clinic area and the ready availability of MRI, CT, and ultrasound services. Pedorthic (shoes and orthotic devices), prosthetic (artificial limbs) and orthotic (braces) services are prescribed and can be filled at nearby Spain Rehabilitation.

UAB is the largest center in the region for total ankle arthroplasty, both primary and revision procedures. Over 350 primary arthroplasties have been performed and over 100 revision procedures, including the replacement with new prostheses and post prosthetic fusions. UAB has one of the largest series of Salto Talaris prostheses and also performs the In Bone and STAR procedures. Extensive clinical research is ongoing in these areas. Extensive experience is also available in nerve disorders of the foot including tarsal tunnel syndrome, recurrent tarsal tunnel and recurrent neuromas. Ongoing research projects include the use of trabecular metal (TM) for bone gap replacement, fusions and wedges. Our doctors are recognized nationally and internationally.