HE Patient CareUAB Orthopaedics faculty and trainees in this area specialize in disorders, instability, and injuries of the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, and shoulder. They treat conditions such as osteoarthritis, fractures, rotator cuff tears, overuse syndromes such as impingement golfer and tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndromes, and physical birth disorders. Other services include custom fixed and moveable custom splints, wound care and scar management, and evaluations of physical function to rate your level of impairment. They also provide a range of therapy and condition management services, including counseling on physical activity, instruction on protecting joints and conserving energy, exercise therapy, nutritional counseling, and help with modifying your activities and environments at home, work, and school to be more ergonomic.