UAB Orthopaedics provides comprehensive hand, upper extremity and microvascular surgery services. Our two fellowship-trained hand surgeons and a certified hand therapist carry out a broad range of conservative and surgical treatments for conditions that range from tendonitis to major reconstructive surgery. 


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Commonly Used Techniques

Open surgery
Endoscopic surgery
Soft tissue transfer
Grafting and microvascular surgeries
Joint fusion
Joint replacement
Tendon transfer
Splints, braces, injection therapy
Shoulder arthroscopy
Total shoulder arthroplasty
Reverse total shoulder

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Conditions Treated

Carpal tunnel
Tennis elbow
Trigger finger
Ganglion cyst
Dupuytrens disease
Arthritis and lupus
Nerve injuries
Brachial plexus pathology
Congenital deformities
Crush and degloving injuries
Shoulder and stability problems
Shoulder arthritis
Rotator cuff injuries