The UAB Sports Medicine Clinic is the proud official provider of medical care for UAB Blazer Athletics and multiple local schools and organizations, including Legion FC, Birmingham's professional soccer team. The clinic is comprised of orthopaedic sports medicine surgeons and a primary care sports medicine physician.

The clinic provides a broad range of care, from non-surgical evaluation of athletes, to surgical management of complex injuries. Facilitated by in-house physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, and a certified pedorthist, athletes are treated in a comprehensive fashion, with the goal of allowing them to return safely and as soon as possible to activity. Further, in-clinic access to radiology and ultrasound broadens the capabilities for athlete care. With the backing of resources from both UAB and Children's Hospital, the clinic provides state of the art care, continually evolving through ongoing research.

Although a wide variety of care is administered in the clinic, special focus areas are related to those of youth athletes. Research and clinical care related to overuse injuries, injuries in youth that have not fully reached skeletal maturity, and sports related concussion care are an integral portion of the treatment provided. Additionally, the development of a comprehensive Dance Medicine Clinic has allowed dancers of all levels to receive care with a special emphasis on dance.

UAB Sports Medicine has consistently provided a leadership role in community outreach, providing coverage of sporting events while also educating athletes, parents, and coaches about proper development of athletes and prevention of injury. Prior recent educational events have included topics on youth sports injury, concussion seminars, coaching lectures, and dance medicine injury prevention. Additionally, our physicians are frequently featured in the media in further efforts to extend outreach.

Our goal is to restore athletes to their prior level of play in not only a timely but also safe fashion. Through a comprehensive and up to date approach, we strive to allow you as an athlete to excel and enjoy a lifetime of healthy sporting activities.