UAB Medicine started the first specialized clinic dedicated to the treatment of patients suffering from smell and taste loss in the state of Alabama. The Smell and Taste Clinic provides state-of-the-art and comprehensive care staffed by a team of physicians and medical professionals experienced in treating olfactory and gustatory dysfunction caused by various health conditions. UAB is prepared to diagnose and treat patients who suffer from smell and taste loss caused by the following conditions:

  • Infectious diseases ( SARS-CoV-2 virus)
  • Trauma (facial and head trauma)
  • Neurologic conditions (Parkinson’s disease)
  • Conditions of unknown origin

With the surge of smell and taste loss patients at UAB, there is a critical need to provide comprehensive functional tests to assess the severity of smell and taste dysfunction. Our experienced team includes otolaryngologists, advanced practice providers, nurses, and other specialists (neurology, Infectious disease, radiology) who plan to effectively manage patients with evidence-based treatments and tailored education, thus enhancing the ability to improve outcomes and avert long-term complications. This clinic will provide standardized psychophysical olfactory and gustatory tests (e.g., Sniffin sticks, Taste Strip tests) with validated depression/cognitive questionnaires and nasal endoscopic examinations. We work diligently as a team to develop a personalized treatment plan that best fits individual needs and will launch a support group.

What to Expect at Your Visit

After scheduling an appointment, a questionnaire will be given in advance or in the clinic after checking in. This information will be used by the care team to evaluate the condition.

During each visit, smell (or taste) tests will be done after completing the questionnaire, which helps the team assess patient status and monitor progress. Patients will then meet with the care team for further assessment including nasal endoscopy and to plan the next steps, which may include further testing (blood works, imaging), smell retraining, topical therapies, medications, counseling, and referral to other clinics.

Schedule an Appointment:

205-801-7801 (option 3)

Our Team:

Cho, Do-Yeon, MD, MS

Do-Yeon ChoAssociate Professor

Director, Comprehensive Smell and Taste Clinic

Grayson, Jessica, MD

Jessica GraysonAssistant Professor

Associate Program Director

Co-Director, Rhinology and Skull Base Surgery

Director of Clinical Research

Bramel, Carly, PA-C