The UAB Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery team specializes in a wide range of procedures including functional nasal surgery, reconstructing cancer defects and totally aesthetic interventions.

Dr. Artemus Cox is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has been performing cosmetic surgery for over a decade in the Birmingham area, with extensive experience in nasal and ear reconstruction after cancer surgery trauma. Dr. Cox also offers a wide array of cosmetic procedures including injectable agents and surgical rejuvenation procedures.

Dr. William Carroll is a board certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in the reconstruction of large facial defects, including the maxilla and mandible, that result from removal of advanced head and neck cancer surgery utilizing free flaps (tissue from a distal part of the body) and local flaps (tissue from adjacent parts of the body).

In addition to our facility at the The Kirklin Clinic, we also offer state of the art cosmetic and aesthetic services at Hoover Primary and Specialty Care and Mountain Brook Plastic Surgery. Consultations for rejuvenation of the face through face-lifts, eye lifts, and neck reshaping can be made here. In addition to many routine office procedures such as the "mini-facelift" or Botox and "filler" injectables, we offer laser surgery and liposuction, and specialize in aesthetic reshaping of the nose (rhinoplasty), often in conjunction with improving the airway of the nose.