The UAB Voice and Aerodigestive Center provides state of the art care for voice, swallowing, and airway problems. We provide cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic methods, both in the clinic and the operating room. We are dedicated to education for medical students, residents, colleagues, and outreach to local universities and communities. Our specialists have diverse nationally and internationally recognized experience in the diagnosis and treatment, including surgical procedures, of all aspects of voice and swallowing disorders.

Our Voice Center is the preferred location for voice-related conditions and care for the professional voice in Alabama. As the only facility in Alabama with a fellowship-trained laryngologist, we provide unique care in collaboration with a speech pathologist who specializes in adult and aging voice care. Our focus on voice medicine includes whole voice care, beginning with stroboscopic and voice evaluation. Our speech pathologists have specialized training and experience with problems related to the professional voice and aging voice. When added to the surgical and in-office procedural treatment options, we provide care for all aspects of voice. We also provide education and screening examinations to local university vocal majors. Patients suffering from neurological conditions or hoarseness can be evaluated and treated by a team of highly qualified voice and related specialists.

We also provide comprehensive evaluation of upper airway disorders, including laryngeal and tracheal stenoses and internal, external and combined laryngocele. Treatment options include voice therapy, in-office procedures, and all forms of operative procedures.

Our aerodigestive capabilities include comprehensive evaluation and treatment of oral to upper esophageal swallowing disorders. Through the Kirklin Clinic we are able to perform esophagrams, modified barium swallows, and functional endoscopic evaluations of swallowing. Treatment plans focus on whole person care, with both swallow therapy and surgical options.

Our Specialists


Richard Waguespack, M.D. moved from his Birmingham private practice of 33 years to join the UAB faculty in 2013. He continues to see general ENT patients, including those with voice disorders, and performs a monthly laryngeal botulinum (Botox™) injection clinic for patients with spasmodic dysphonia. He has held many educational and health policy leadership positions in Alabama and nationally, including serving as president of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery from 2013-2014.