The Preparation for Graduate and Medical Education (PARAdiGM) Program

The PARAdiGM program focuses on undergraduates from diverse and underrepresented minority backgrounds, and offers the opportunity to participate in the program for two summers. In addition to working in the laboratory of a faculty mentor with an actively funded biomedical research program, PARAdiGM participants will learn about careers in academic medical centers (AMCs) by shadowing clinician-investigators in their clinics, as well as on inpatient rounds. At the end of the first summer in the program, the students will write an abstract and participate in a local poster presentation at UAB to present their research results.  In November, students will attend the national ABRCMS (Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students) meeting and present their poster again. The students will also receive instruction in essay writing, MCAT preparation, and critical career skills. 

The ultimate goal of the program is to provide undergraduate students with an understanding and appreciation of the biomedical research process so as to encourage them to pursue careers studying patients and their diseases after further postgraduate training in graduate and medical education. 

Previous research experience is not required in order to apply. The PARAdiGM program is especially useful for students who do not have local access to biomedical research and/or academic physician-scientist role models. 

Apply to Both PARAdiGM and SIBS

You may want to check out our other summer program, Summer In Biomedical Sciences (SIBS) Undergraduate Research Program.  For more SIBS information, see:

Eligible students may apply to both programs through the online application. Select both "SIBS" and "PARAdiGM" from the checkbox menu; please do not complete two applications.