Biomedical Research

PARAdiGM students will be assigned to individual UAB biomedical researchers based on their stated scientific interests. Each student will work in a different lab on a research project that is directly under the supervision of the senior scientist of a senior member of the research group.

Students will present their findings to mentors and other participants in various formats over the summer - chalktalks, lab meeting presentations, a written final report in the format of a scientific publication.

At the end of the summer, PARAdiGM students will participate in the Summer Research Expo, a poster session showcasing research done by undergraduate student interns from a number of UAB programs. In November, students will attend the ABRCMS (Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students) conference and present their results nationally.


This aspect of the PARAdiGM program is designed to specifically give students an observational learning experience with physician-scientists at UAB. Each PARAdiGM student will be assigned to a Clinical Mentor and will shadow them during patient clinics and rounds throughout the 8 week summer experience.

These clinics and rounds at our academic medical center include a full clinical team -  medical students, residents, fellows, and the supervising physician (the Clinical Mentor).   Students will go on rounds with the Clinical Mentors who are also attending at University Hospital. This exposes students to the differences between seeing patients in a private practice setting and seeing patients in an inpatient hospital setting or clinic at an Academic Medical Center (AMC).

PARAdiGM students will learn about clinical cases and how patient cases are presented during the workup, and will become familiar with the appropriate professional etiquette.