Anatomic Pathology

Anatomic Pathologists diagnose disease based on the examination of cells, tissues, and organs from patients. Our Division conducts basic and translational research with the goal of increasing our understanding of the mechanisms driving organ-directed disease processes and of furthering diagnostic techniques such as immunohistochemistry and molecular diagnostics.

Special interests and expertise include: heart, lung, GI, liver, breast, kidney, genitourinary tract, ENT, non-neoplastic and neoplastic bone and skin disease, as well as specialized investigations of embryo and fetal disease.


Director: Gene Siegal, M.D., Ph.D.

Alexander, C Bruce Professor
Atherton, Daniel Assistant Professor
Bell, Walter Associate Professor
Borak, Samuel Assistant Professor
Brandwein-Gensler, Margaret S Professor
Conner, Michael Professor
Council, Leona Assistant Professor
Crowe, David Professor
Eltoum, Isam-Eldin Professor
Fallon, Kenneth Associate Professor
Fatima, Huma Assistant Professor
Faye-Petersen, Ona Marie Professor
Frost, Andra R Professor
Gordetsky, Jennifer Assistant Professor
Grizzle, William Professor
Guo, Rong Jun Assistant Professor
Harada, Shuko Assistant Professor
Hatton, Robin Associate Professor
Litovsky, Silvio H Associate Professor
Manne, Upender Professor
Novak, Lea Associate Professor
Park, Seung L Assistant Professor
Peker, Deniz Assistant Professor
Reddy, Vishnu Professor
Reilly, Stephanie Associate Professor
Rosenblum, Frida Assistant Professor
Ross, John R Assistant Professor
Sanders, R. Darrell Assistant Professor
Shen, Dejun Assistant Professor
Siegal, Gene Professor and Director
Stevens, Todd M Assistant Professor
Suswan, Esther Assistant Professor
Taylor, Kelley Assistant Professor
Weaver, Casey Professor
Wei, Shi Associate Professor
Winokur, Thomas Associate Professor

Support Staff Name/Email Title
Barbara Ann Betcher Lazarre Administrative Supervisor
Janice Bowlen Office Associate II
Barbara Brooks Office Associate II
Cassandra Cummings Administrative Associate
Gloria Gaskins Office Associate II
Virginia L Goodall Office Associate II
Sara Hicks Office Services Specialist I
Paula Leonard Office Associate II
Susan M Mills Office Services Specialist II
Jackie Brock Samples Office Associate II