From The Program Director

Greetings from the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Department of Pathology. We are pleased to offer information about our residency training program and fellowship programs in Pathology, as we are very excited about the breadth and depth of the train­ing opportunities in our department.

Our residency program provides training in Clinical Pathology (Laboratory Medicine), Anatomic Pathology, or a combination of both. Other combinations are possible, such as Anatomic Pathology and Neuropathology, or Anatomic Pathology and Forensic Pathology.  This structure provides graduated responsibility which allows residents to develop and utilize their skills and assume increasing responsibility within each service as they develop the necessary expertise. Advanced residents make independent decisions and perform diagnostic procedures as they demonstrate satisfactory skills. Residents progress through the program with instruction and supervision by the faculty mentors of each rotation and the Program Director.

In our program we seek to provide an encouraging environment that fosters teamwork, individual initiative, and individual inquisitiveness; all of which are important factors in the preparation of pathologists, whether their career interests are in the public community or the academic community as diagnosticians and/or experimental scientists. Not only do we provide the instruction and mentor­ing necessary for resident growth, but also we provide the resources necessary for research and applied clinical experimenta­tion that fosters understanding of basic disease mechanisms.

We seek to instill in our residents an appreciation of modem techniques in cellular and molecular pathology and to help them develop a scientific approach to prob­lem solving, critical analysis of data, etc.  Residents develop effective communication skills through presentations, teaching, and writing and are afforded plentiful opportunities for correlation and consultation in both anatomic and clinical pathology. Even with the rigorous preparation in the various subspecialties, the curriculum is sufficiently flexible to permit individually designed focus.

In addition to the training opportunities at UAB, residents will find the city of Birmingham to be a very enjoyable place to live. Housing and the cost of living are comparatively inexpensive. Birmingham boasts a generous array of cultural and recreational activities, including theater, fine restaurants, symphony,  museums, ballet, sports, and beautiful parks. I look forward to hearing from you.