The 2015 Application Process is now open. 
NOTE: It is UAB policy for the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) to review all sponsored projects prior to submission to the sponsor.  Therefore, all KPRI applications will need to be submitted to Carla Parrish (Lowder 606) no later than Friday, September 19th to ensure review by OSP prior to the COA 9/30/14 deadline.  Please include a completed UAB Extramural Support Checklist (revised 7/31/13… and a copy of the application including a detailed budget and budget justification. You will also need to complete the RPL form.   Submitting the applications to UAB OSP prior to the award will expedite the process of obtaining a UAB grant account number for the projects that are funded.                                   
Carla Parrish

KPRI Progress Report - Due 12/1/2016

All completed applications (an original hardcopy, plus seven additional hardcopies) must be returned to the office of Dawn Walton, c/o Mary Aiken, Children’s Hospital Administration, ACC 6th Floor by September 30, 2015.