Wednesday, February 18, 2004

"SARS-What Have We Learned"
Speaker:  Larry Anderson, MD
Chief, Respiratory & Enteric Viruses Branch, Lead, CDC's SARS Program
The 4th Richard Clemons Memorial Lectureship


Thursday, February 19, 2004

Speaker: Richard J. Whitley, M.D.

"The New CASG Contract" 
Speaker: Walla Dempsey, Ph.D.

"Pharmacokinetics of CASG #205"
Speaker:  Edward Acosta, Pharm.D.

"CASG#205 Anti HCV Immunoglobulin Prophylaxis of Liver Transplant Recipients"
Speaker:  John Gnann, MD

"Update: WNV Neurologic Outcomes"
Speaker: Jim Sejvar, MD

"Novel Therapeutic Approaches to WNV & SARS"
Speaker: Pat Iversen, Ph.D.

"Immunoglobulin Therapy of WNV in Murine Models"
Speaker: Mike Diamond, MD, Ph.D.

"WNV Protocols #210 and #211"
Speakers :  Amy Agrawal, MD & John Gnann, MD

"Institutional Review Board Behaviors and Emergent Infections"
Speakers:  Penny Jester, MPH & Wayne Sullender, MD

"SAE Reporting"
Speaker:  Wendy Faranoff-Ravick

"BK Virus in the Immunocompromised Host"
Speaker:  Ajit Limaye, MD

Speaker:  Mark Abzug, MD

Speaker:  Fred Hayden, MD

"Neutralization of SARS-CoV by Human mAb 80R to S1 Protein that Blocks Receptor Association"
Speaker:  Wayne Marasco, MD, Ph.D.

"SARS Discovery Efforts"
Speaker:  George Smith, Lead Virologist


Friday, February 20, 2004


"Enhanced Inhibition of Poxvirus & CMV Infections by Orally Active Cidofovir Prodrugs"
Speaker: Earl Kern, Ph.D.

"Toxicology:  Lipophilic Nucleotides for Pox Viruses"
Speaker: George Painter, Ph.D.

"Pediatric Studies Report"

"CASG 103/104"

 "CASG 106"

 "CASG 108/109"
Speaker: David Kimberlin, M.D.

"New Therapies for CMV-Maribavir"
Speaker: Stephen Villano, MD.

"Invoicing, Subcontract Agreements"
Speaker:  Mary Wyatt Bowers, MA

Breakout Sessions 

"Cidofovir Therapy for BK Virus"
Speaker:  Ajit Limaye, MD

"Pediatric Enterovirus/Myocarditis"
Speaker:  David Kimberlin, MD/Mark Abzug, MD

"SARS Clinical Trials"
Speakers:  Fred Hayden, MD & John Gnann, MD

"Adult Herpes - HSV, VZV"
Speaker: John Gnann M.D.

"Pediatric Herpes/109 Revisions"
Speaker: David Kimberlin, M.D.