2005 Presentations

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"Lessons Learned from the 1918 Flu Epidemic - Will H5 strains really be a problem?"
Speaker:  Peter Palese, MD

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Speaker: Richard Whitley, MD

"This year in review"
Speaker:  Walla Dempsey

"CASG 204"
Speaker: John Gnann, MD

103/104/109 Pharmacokinetics
Speakers: David Kimberlin, MD & Ed Acosta, Pharm D

"Background of BK Virus"
Speaker: Ajit Limaye, MD

"Preliminary data for the WNV studies next season"
Speakers: Amy Agrawal, MD & John Gnann, MD

"West Nile Virus"
Speaker: James Rahal, MD

"Quality assessment plans at the local site"
Speaker: Mary Low, RN, CQA

"Monkey Pox - epidemiology"
Speaker: Robin Ryder, MD

"Neuraminidase Inhibitors"
Speaker: Fred Hayden, MD

"Pediatric Enterovirus/Myocarditis"
Speakers David Kimberlin, MD & Mark Abzug, MD

"Early report on data analysis neonatal herpes epidemiology"
Speaker: Richard Whitley, MD

Breakout Sessions

"Pediatric Herpes Virus 103/104/109"
Speaker:  David Kimberlin, MD

"CASG 204 Update"
Speaker:  John Gnann, MD

"A Case with Relapsing HSE"
Speaker:  Britt-Marie Eriksson, MD

"Proposed - Chimerix Study"
Speaker:  George Painter, Ph.D.

Friday, February 25, 2005

"Tamiflu Data"
Speaker: Regina Dutkowski, Ph.D.

"CMV Vaccine Study"
Speaker: Thomas Evans / David Kaslow

Breakout Sessions

"WNV Studies"
Speaker: John Gnann, MD

"Nonherpes Virus: Enterovirus/Myocarditis/Influenza"
Speaker:  David Kimberlin, MD

"Proposed Vical CMV Study"
Speakers  Richard Pollard, MD & Thomas Evans, MD