Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Clemons Memorial Lecture

"Genetic Risk Assessment of Viral Infections after Transplantation:  The Next Frontier"
Michael Boeckh, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of  Medicine ,
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Antiviral Resistance Workshop 

"Principles of Antiviral Resistance" 
Speaker:  Paul Griffiths, MD

"Herpes Simplex Virus -Immunocompetent and Immunocompromised Adults" 
Speaker:  John Gnann, MD     

"Transplant Populations"
Speaker:  Ajit Limaye, MD

"CMV: Separating Important Mutations from Natural polymorphisms"
Speaker:  Sunwen Chou, MD

"Congenital CMV in Infants"
Speaker: Mark Prichard, PhD

"Cytomegalovirus Discussion"
Paul Griffiths, MD and David Kimberlin, MD

"Influenza - Current Global Status"
Larisa Gubareva, MD, PhD

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Speaker: Richard Whitley, MD

"Year in Review"
Speaker:  Walla Dempsey, PhD

"Natural History of BK in Immunocompromised Hosts"
Speaker: Gregory Storch, MD

"BK Virus CASG 209 Update"
Speaker:  Ajit Limaye, MD 

"Data Analysis of CASG 103/104"
Speaker: David Kimberlin, MD

"CASG 106 Update"
Speaker: David Kimberlin, MD

"Influenza Antiviral Resistance in US and the World" 
Speaker:  Lisa Gubareva, MD, PhD

"Report from Antiviral Resistance Workshop"
Speaker: David Kimberlin, MD

"Global Challenges in Influenza Treatment"
Speaker:  Richard Whitley, MD  

"CASG 114 Influenza Update"
Speaker: David Kimberlin, MD

MGAWN1: A humanized mAb for WNV"
Speaker:  John Beigel, MD

CMV CASG 112 Update
Speaker: David Kimberlin, MD 

"Update on CMX001 - Lipophilic Cidofovir"
Speaker:  Neil Frazer, MB, ChB

"Efficacy of CMX001 in Animal models of HSV 1 and 2"
Speaker:  Debra Quenelle, DVM, PhD      

Speaker:  William Sheridan, MB, MS

"Combination Therapies for Influenza"
Speaker:  Gregory Went, PhD  

Breakout Sessions 

"Pediatrics - CMV"
Speakers:  David Kimberlin, MD and Paul Griffiths, MD

"Adult - Immunocompromised Host: BK virus/adenovirus/EBV"
Speaker:  John Gnann, MD

Friday, February 20, 2009

"Genetic Susceptibility for HSE"
Speaker: Jean-Laurent Casanova, MD, PhD

"HSE CASG 204 Update"
Speaker: John Gnann, MD,        

Breakout Sessions 

 "Pediatrics:  Influenza / Adenovirus"
  Speaker:  David Kimberlin, MD 

"Adults:  HSE Protocol Update"  BK Virus/Adenovirus/EBV