The Medical Autism Clinic (MAC) is located in The Children's Hospital of Alabama at Birmingham and serves children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The development of this clinic began with the efforts of a team of doctors who wanted to provide better medical care for those in the ASD spectrum.

The clinic does not replace care (regular check-ups) that a child receives from their pediatrician or health center. The clinic assists a child's doctor by offering a variety of special evaluations with special attention in certain areas that may be affected by autism. These evaluations may not have been done in a pediatrician's office.

Through the Medical Autism Clinic, a child may see specialists for comprehensive medical assessment, including:

  • Motor evaluation (if needed)
  • Genetic evaluation
  • Feeding evaluation
  • Speech-language evaluation
  • Sleep evaluation
  • Behavioral referral
  • Hearing test

MAC appointments are made for children who have been diagnosed with an ASD by their physician or other professional and have been referred to our clinic for additional evaluation.

Two separate visits may be required to complete the assessment. If you have any questions regarding eligibility or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office at (205) 638-5277.

Physical Address:

The Children's Hospital of Alabama
1600 7th Avenue South, Clinic 7
Birmingham, Alabama 35233
Fax: (205) 975-6503

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