Who is considered a survivor?
The definition of "survivor" is different for everyone. Some consider themselves survivors from the moment they receive a diagnosis of cancer. For others, they wait until they have completed all cancer treatments and have no signs of disease. For the purpose of this clinic, we focus on survivors who completed treatment at least 2 years ago.
Are adults who are also survivors of childhood cancer eligible to be seen in the TLC clinic?
We see survivors of all ages and have no upper age limit. Some adults will require or desire ongoing services; however, we have also seen adults for a one time consultation to discuss their therapy and concerns over late effects. We recognize that just as children are not miniature adults, adult patients will have their own unique health needs. We will work with adult primary care providers to make sure that all health needs of our adult survivors are being addressed.

How does my primary oncologist relate to the TLC clinic?
Eligible survivors who are still coming to yearly appointments with the primary oncologist should ask about whether a visit to the TLC clinic is appropriate. We are available for either one-time consultations or regular annual visits. The TLC clinic supplements, but does not replace, the relationship with your primary oncologist.
Can survivors of childhood cancer not treated at UAB/Children's of Alabama still be seen in the TLC clinic?
We are happy to provide survivorship care or consultation to anyone with a history of childhood cancer. We do ask that you provide a copy of your records, so we may accurately discuss your risk for late effects and provide appropriate screening.

How do I make an appointment with the TLC clinic?
To make an appointment with the TLC clinic, call 205-638-9285. Tell us whether you are a survivor and would like to be seen in the TLC clinic or whether you are calling for information.  For specific questions, please e-mail us at TLCClinic@chsys.org or call and ask for Pat Cotton.

Will insurance cover a visit to the TLC clinic?
A visit to our clinic is often covered just as a visit to an oncologist or primary care physician would be. However, this is not always the case and coverage varies depending on the insurance company. Be sure to check with your insurance company before making an appointment if you are unsure.

When is TLC Clinic held?
Our team sees patients on Friday mornings.

What will happen on the day of my visit?
Our team reviews every patient's treatment records before the visit to develop an individualized treatment summary.  This information aids in determining what blood work and other testing may be needed based on the long-term side effects that are possible.

At the clinic visit, survivors will have blood work and other testing completed after they check in at the front desk.  They will then be seen by a pediatric oncologist who specializes in caring for childhood cancer survivors.  She will perform a complete physical exam and review the results of the blood work and diagnostic tests.  We will review your individualized treatment summary and the potential long-term side effects of your cancer and the treatment you received.  Our team will also address ways to prevent future problems.  A neuropsychologist is available at every visit to discuss any emotional or neurocognitive problems you may be experiencing.  Our most important goal is to help you have a healthy life and we will spend as much time as you need answering questions and discussing your needs relating to your cancer or its treatment.

For more information, please contact Pat Cotton at 205-638-9285