Fellows Instruction Form.pdf

The Information Form is used as a tool to obtain vital information that will be used to complete the Fellows' appointment paperwork. The form should be completed and submitted to HR by February of the appointed year. The Office Manager is responsible for submitting the form and documentation to HR.

Instructor/Fellows and Sub-Specialty Residents Information.pdf

Trainee - Information and Instructions for Completing a Statement of Appointment.pdf
It is essential residents understand the effect of change in status on their benefits, and the status before accepting the appointment to a training grant. Residents must be provided with a "Letter of Understanding" that outlines the effect of the appointment on benefits and tax status. A copy of the "Letter of Understanding" signed by the resident and the program coordinator, and the federal "Statement of Appointment" must be forwarded to HR.

Offer Letters

Vacation and Sick Time Information

Time/Effort Reports are due to HR by the 7th of each month.
1. Division
2. Month and Year (If submitting January 7th, December is the report that is due. You should put December for the month)
3. Resident's Name
4. Resident's PGY Level
5. Percent time spent at each facility during the month.
6. Should Equal 1.0 FTE
7. Program Director's Signature
8. Division
9. Month and Year of Report