A minimum of 16 hours per week is required of the PPC Nursing Trainee from January through December. The hours include classroom time, assignments, projects, seminars and clinical time. The trainees’ hours will need to be adjusted for opportunities which are only available at specific times. A minimum of 375 hours from January through December will be committed to the PPC Traineeship.

The trainee will have the opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary team which will include physicians, nutritionists, respiratory therapist, social workers, nurses, fellows, and nurse practitioners. As a trainee, you will have an opportunity to develop long term relationships with mentors as well as with a cohort of trainees from other disciplines.

Holidays and Breaks are observed according to the PPC Academic Calendar found in the trainee notebook.

An example of a typical work week for the trainee will be:

Class time: 8:30am until 12:30pm  
Outpatient clinic time: 1:00pm until 5:00pm
Inpatient clinical time: 7am to 5pm

The nursing trainee is responsible for communicating in writing with the preceptor their planned semester schedule by the second week of each semester. At the end of each semester, a written log of this time is to be given to the faculty. The trainee is responsible for notifying the faculty of changes in their planned schedule.

The trainee should meet with their faculty each week during the first 4- 8 weeks of the traineeship and biweekly after this. Weekly Log of Patient Encounters and Clinical Activities Record should be kept and turned in to preceptor at the end of each semester.

A stipend is available for each month as a full time trainee to the PPC (Pediatric Pulmonary Center). For additional information, please contact Theresa Rodgers via email: Theresa.Rodgers@childrensal.org or by phone at 205 638-6580.