This graduate-level traineeship was designed specifically for students/professionals desiring a masters degree, interested in pediatric pulmonary care, and aspiring to positions of leadership. One trainee per year is accepted, and this trainee completes their training with a team of other trainees from the disciplines of nursing, nutrition, social work, and medicine. Respiratory therapists are given first priority for this Traineeship, although other allied health disciples have been accepted in the past.

During the 12 month Traineeship, a minimum of 16 hours per week are spent at the PPC participating in PPC-related activities that include...

  • a variety of faculty and guest lectures
  • hospital rounds
  • pulmonary clinics
  • field trips
  • patient and family education
  • discharge coordination
  • education presentations
  • research

Other activities are planned according to the trainee's individual needs and interests. Training is provided in each of the Maternal and Child Health Leadership Competencies.

Participation in this Traineeship along with the successful completion of 16 additional graduate-level hours (34 total course hours) earns the respiratory therapy/health education trainee a Masters of Arts in Education - Health Education in a little over one year. The Traineeship includes a stipend (for up to 12 months) and tuition assistance which can only be offered to U.S. citizens or to individuals with a permanent visa. However, there are also a variety of unstipended Traineeships of varying lengths available, with and without class credit, regardless of citizenship or visa status. Non-Traineeship students are also welcome to participate in the didactic and/or clinical elements of the Traineeship for one or more semesters as an elective in another degree program. Following completion of the Traineeship, past participants have moved into education, public health, and management careers, as well as leadership positions within their respective clinical fields.

This traineeship is made possible through a federal training grant awarded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau and, although six Pediatric Pulmonary Centers exist, this is the only pediatric pulmonary graduate-level traineeship available to respiratory therapists in the nation. Candidates for this program must hold a bachelors degree and be eligible for acceptance into the UAB Graduate School. Click here for the application. 

For further information, contact the Pediatric Respiratory Center at 1600 Seventh Avenue South, Lowder 620, Birmingham, AL 35233; or by calling (205)638-5960 and ask to speak to Stephanie Gamble, PPC Faculty Respiratory Therapist.