Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness
This is FEMA's most comprehensive source on individual, family, and community preparedness. It is available in English and Spanish. You can download, free of charge, the full PDF document here, sections of the document, or DVDs of the content via Windows Media files.

Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities

A resource designed by The American Red Cross to help people with physical, visual, auditory, or cognitive disabilities prepare for natural disasters and their consequences.

Get 10 - by the Alabama Department of Public Health

Emergencies arrive unexpectedly, so now is the time to prepare by gathering basic emergency and disaster supplies. Collect and store these 10 essential items to get ready for an emergency.

Helping Families During Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
This web site provides a listing of American Academy of Pediatrics recommended resources for families and health care providers.

How To Prepare For Any Disaster

Your easy step-by-step preparedness guide produced by the Emergency Preparedness Center in Heber City, Utah. Download the entire guide free of charge.

In the event of a catastrophe, would you be able to locate your loved ones?
Daily routines scatter families across towns and cities every day. How do you know they’ll be safe? The South Central Preparedness & Emergency Response Learning Center (SCPERLC) and Department of Homeland Security encourage you to think about this and more . If you’re not prepared, there’s no better time than the present. Find out about making sure the places your family spends the most time are prepared and more by watching "Be Prepared In Your Daily Routine", a one-minute video clip in Real Player format.

If a disaster strikes - a trip to the grocery store may not be possible
. Do you have enough food and water on hand? Storing supplies, does not have to be difficult or expensive. Learn about this and more by watching the following one-minute video clip, “Storing Supplies for an Emergency.” It’s available in two formats: Windows Media Format and Real Player Format

Disasters can be overwhelming, and they rarely leave much time to react. That’s why it’s best to prepare for the worst now…just in case it happens. It’s always good to have a plan. To learn about easy ways to plot a disaster strategy for you and your family, watch a one-minute video clip entitled “Creating an Action Plan”, available in Windows Media Format and
Real Player Format