I started having numbness in my left leg in March of 2006. My mother and I didn’t think it was a big deal, but I stumped my toe one day and it was bleeding heavily and I didn’t feel it at all in my leg. So my mother called my pediatrician and set up an appointment. I dance, so my doctor thought that it was dancing that caused the numbing in my leg. He gave me a general medication to stop the numbness and it worked. Throughout the summer, I would have alternating numbing in both of my legs, but I paid it no mind. It didn’t disable me in anyway.

After the summer, I started my freshman year in high school and my new dance class. I didn’t have any complications for awhile, but then I started to notice a tingling sensation in my right arm. It didn’t feel numb per se, but it just felt like my hand was asleep all of the time. It didn’t bother me, but it was very irritating. Along with my arm, I started feeling very unstable in my dance class. I could hardly see straight after dance routines. This dizziness was something I couldn’t brush off like the numbness. The dizziness was preventing me from doing what I love to do and, then, I started becoming dizzy all of the time. I couldn’t walk down stairs without holding on to handrails or the person next to me. It was driving me crazy.

In the meantime, I was participating in two theatrical productions at my high school, still trying to dance, and had my regular school classes. I had a lot to do and I would completely freak out if I missed school. But, of course, I had to get rid of this dizziness and numbness. My pediatrician sent me to a neurologist and the neurologist decided that I needed an MRI. It was necessary, but my family and I thought that an MRI would be a waste of time and money, because I had never had any health problems. And I was so angry that I was missing so much school, also. I had the MRI done and the doctor told my mother that it looked like I had MS. My mother didn’t tell me at first, but I knew there was something wrong. She told me I had to go back to the doctor the next day and I was furious that I had to miss another day of school. My mother told me the news and I realized that I had to get my priorities straight.

A few days after finding out, I was put in the hospital to start my treatment on April 1, 2007. Within a couple of weeks out of the hospital, the numbing in my arm and the dizziness started to disappear. It was the greatest feeling; I felt like I could do anything. I went to school, back to theatre, and dance!! My dance recital was so much fun, symptom free!!! I sometimes have MS set backs, but I am still doing the same things I did before. I did the dance recital, the two shows in theatre, and, my most pleasing achievement, I had a 4.0 GPA at the end of the semester!!!