I have MS and I have had it now for about three years. When I first got sick I was dizzy and could not stand up straight. When we went to the doctor they told me that I had vertigo. About a few days later they admitted me in the hospital. When they put me in the hospital they did a spinal tap to see if I had another kind of disease. The results came back negative to the disease they thought that I had. About a month later I went numb in my legs and my feet. I was only 13 and I was in the 7th grade so I was very scared. Me and my mom we went to a doctor in Talladega and he told me that I had MS but he didn’t treat children. The doctor referred me to Dr. Ness. When I got there I was scared and depressed because I thought I was the only child with it and I was going to die soon. When she came in there and checked me she told me that I wasn’t alone. This really changed my life because I can’t be out in the heat. The medicine that I was on was called Avonex. Dr. Ness had to change me to Rebif because I had three more lesions on my brain and I was also having a lot of headaches. It feels better to know that I am not alone. I hope that a young person reads this and gets inspired or at least feels better because YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!