Message from Brian Bates: Payments and transfers of value made to physicians by covered manufacturers (ex., pharmaceutical and device companies) during the 2013 tracking period (August 1, 2013 thru December 31, 2013) will be publically reported on September 30, 2014.  By following the steps outlined in the following document, physicians will have the opportunity to help ensure information made public by CMS and information in the UAB External Activity database is as accurate as possible. 
     As we learn more about the CMS Open Payments Law system, I wanted to pass along some information we have learned the hard way.  Do NOT use Internet Explorer as your browser when registering in the CMS systemGoogle Chrome is the preferred internet browser.  When using Internet Explorer, the system has been locking up and/or losing data (requiring re-entering one’s information).
     Finally, I have attached a document I received from my colleagues at USC below.  They have distilled the 359-page “user guide” down to a manageable 19-page document.
                                      Brian Bates
                                      UAB Health System Compliance Risk Coordinator
                                      UAHSF Chief Compliance Officer


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