The educational conferences held at UAB are diverse and numerous. Sample and actual schedules will be provided during your visit to allow you to see the 'impossible to see it all' offerings. In addition to the clinical schedules, the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics offer many other conferences regarding basic sciences, health research, health policies and clinical medicine.

Noon Conf smallIn the Department of Medicine, each division regularly holds a grand rounds conference during the noon hour on Thursdays and case / pathology / radiology conferences weekly. Pediatric divisions also have scheduled joint conferences with pathology and radiology. Formats of conferences vary. Some involve case presentations and discussions by residents. In others, faculty discuss the evaluation of an unknown case presented to them.

Didactic lectures are also common. Evidence-based medicine discussions are held regularly during journal clubs and are a regular part of noon lecture series in both departments. Senior residents also deliver short-topic talks of their choice. Smaller group sessions are held for improving outpatient medicine procedures and evaluations (such as shoulder and knee exam techniques and injections).

In short, educational opportunities abound at UAB. We expect our residents to take advantage of everything offered and ensure they have adequate time to attend.