A vital component of any Med-Peds training program is the continuity clinic experience. First year Med-Peds residents attend continuity clinic one-half day per week, alternating every other week between a medicine clinic and a pediatric clinic. They, as well other Med-Peds residents, are supervised by pediatricians, internists, gynecologists and Med-Peds physicians. Second, third and fourth year residents attend two half-day clinics per week, one-half day of medicine clinic and one-half day of pediatric clinic each week.

By the end of residency, Med-Peds residents will have completed the same amount of continuity clinic as their categorical counterparts. For those interested, continuity clinic may include significant exposure to women’s health issues by joining the Women’s Health Track. This expands clinic exposure to include basic gynecology care.

We feel that training in these two categorical clinics ensures adequate experience, exposure and comfort with the care of ambulatory patients.