Physician Division Activity
UAB Physicians    M-Power Clinic - first and second Thursday of every month  
Michele Kong Maha Critical Care KultureCity - non-profit providing services and
awareness for families affected by autism
Carin Kiser Gen Peds/
Christian Medical Mission of Alabama, Unadopted
Caroline Courville Gen Peds/
Race for the Cure
Cason Benton Gen Peds/
Highlands School health committee
DeeAnne Jackson Gen Peds/
Vestavia Hills Elementary
Jason Hartig  Gen Peds/Adolescent  Tarrant City Schools, Moody Schools, Highlands School
Jennifer Chambers   Gen Peds/Adolescent  Compassion International, Mission to the World,
United Methodist Mission
Mary Ballestas Infectious Disease AIDS Alabama
Matt Stoll Rheumatology Camp M.A.S.H, Juvenile Arthritis Saturdays
Peter Weiser Rheumatology Camp M.A.S.H, Juvenile Arthritis Saturdays,
Alabama Arthritis Foundation
Prescott Atkinson  Allergy/
AL Paleontological Society,
AL Museum of Natural History
Randy Cron Rheumatology SE Regional Arthritis Foundation, Birmingham
Sjogren's Support Group, Camp M.A.S.H.
Scott James Infectious Disease Church of Brook Hills Clinics
Tim Buekelman Rheumatology Camp M.A.S.H, Juvenile Arthritis Saturdays
Tony McGrath  Neurology  Birmingham AIDS Outreach
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